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Dozens of questions cross your mind when you first consider selling, samples include:

  • Business Value
  • Confidentiality
  • Training & Consultation
  • Timing
  • Tax Liability
  • Transaction Paperwork
  • Estate Planning
  • Deal Structure
  • Buyer Types

Solutions & Answers

With a decision this critical and effects far-reaching, lack of knowledge should never be a hurdle. Plus, experience indicates a simple education provided by a broker typically does not provide enough confidence or time to make effective decisions.

Whether your goal is to sell in 5 years or right away, Exit Strategies 360 provides essential answers and guidance, delivering answers directly and efficiently in the Preparing My Business for Sale Workshop Series.

Preparing My Business for Sale Workshop Series:

Your life’s work deserves the finest exit possible. The answers received in the Preparing My Business for Sale Workshop ensure just that.

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What are the benefits of preparing my business for sale?

  • Increased business value at the point of sale; a value any buyer will recognize
  • The business will operate more smoothly and efficiently
  • More free time by utilizing effective delegation techniques
  • Reduced stress and anxiety as your largest asset is ready for its final transaction
  • Thousands of dollars in legal and professional fee savings

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Private Consultation

For a private consultation or clarification on the workshop, we invite you to contact our office confidentially at 503.577.5649 or email