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Preparing My Business For Sale Workshop Series

To achieve the benefits and peace of mind you are looking for, there are 2 requirements: Recognize the benefits, and take action. Without action your business will not prepare itself.

Almost without fail, clients in the past have said, “Now that I understand the process, I should have prepared years ago when it first crossed my mind.” This workshop series is offered so you avoid this pitfall and regret.

Who Would Benefit?

The greatest benefits are for owners who:

  • Are within 2 – 5 years of selling
  • Need answers surrounding their largest transaction
  • Feel anxious, realizing answers will ease their fears
  • Need answers to increase confidence in their decisions
  • Want the convenience of learning from their home or office
  • Have 4 – 5 hours per month to invest in this solution
  • Are located anywhere in the world

You undoubtedly have hundreds of questions… we have answers. These answers add tangible value to your business. Additionally, with Exit Strategies 360 supplying critical operational documentation that most buyers have come to expect in a business, you’ll also save thousands. The investment will be returned to you many times over.

Is it Necessary?

Yes, every small business owner should absolutely prepare. Why? The most significant barrier to a successful sale is lack of preparation.

You may be thinking, “It seems so overwhelming, where do I start?” Jeff adds, “The Workshop Series efficiently answers all of your questions. I guarantee you’ll come away with a ‘road-map’ allowing you to proceed in a logical and systematic fashion.

After decades you’ve decided to trade your business for retirement… why not make it the best trade possible? The evidence is clear, successful preparation ensures a successful sale.

What is the Format?

We realize searching for answers takes time. This is precisely why we deliver essential answers directly to your desk:

  • Ten (10) online workshops over a 5-month period
  • Two (2) workshops / month, 70-90 min. each, including Q&A
  • Offered twice a year (Jan. – May / Aug. – Dec.)
  • Workshops are ‘live’ online. If you need to miss one, a link will be provided to watch at your convenience.
  • Interactive templates, samples, articles, spreadsheets and assignments specific to you and your business.

Continued Support

With questions surrounding a topic this monumental, we deliver with perfect customer service and will never leave you hanging or out on a limb. I personally guarantee it.

Workshop Series Price (Ultimately $0)

Designed to be an affordable investment with an incredible ROI, the fee will be returned to you many, many times over.

The best part? The fee will be credited back to you upon the sale of your business, ultimately costing you nothing!

The fees are charged monthly to a credit card and done confidentially to avoid the eyes of bookkeepers and controllers.

Please call 503.577.5649 for our pricing, needed clarification, or to register for the next Workshop Series.

*Ask about our early-bird pricing discounts to make it even more affordable!