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Frequently Asked Questions

A. In each Workshop Series there are 10 over the course of 5 months (2 / mo.), each being 70 – 90 min. in length. The Workshops are offered twice a year: Jan. – May, then again August. – Dec.

A. As business owners you are busy and we understand. Thus, every workshop is recorded for your convenience. If you need to miss one, access will be provided so you can view at your convenience.

A. An array of variables result in a vast ‘preparation’ spectrum, some companies requiring less attention, others more. The key is learning where your company falls on the spectrum and then taking steps to improve where necessary.

Preparing your company is really a 2-stage process. First, history and experience indicate the average company can implement the preparation techniques in a matter of months, typically 4-10. Secondly, an important step is allowing the techniques to be nurtured and grown, resulting in the greatest positive effects for your company. However, the initial effects can predictably be seen within 12 – 18 months, with full effects being obvious in 24 – 36 months.

* Employees should not know the company is being prepared for sale; this should remain confidential. They’ll just think you’re managing more effectively and efficiently.

A. Certainly. We understand important decisions are commonly made jointly with spouses or business partners. Thus, one additional attendee (email address) from the same business is permitted with each workshop registration.

A. Your attendance can be 100% confidential if you desire. As this is an online workshop, no one will ever see your personal name, company name, etc. The only way someone could recognize you is by your voice if you were to ask a question. If that exposure is too risky, you can ask questions via email during the workshop itself, or email questions outside of the workshop itself.

A. Some attendees may want to be introduced to similar companies and owners who have similar questions. If this is you, please let us know and we’ll accomplish this on a confidential, person-by-person basis.

A. Your attendance can be kept 100% confidential. Your attendance requires only that you sit in front of a computer twice a month for 70 – 90 minutes from the comfort of your office or home. If you have a secretary, bookkeeper or controller who looks at credit card statements, the Workshop Series charges will appear as ‘ES360 Workshop’ on your credit card statement so no red flags are raised.

A. It helps to think of the selling timeline as a marathon, not a sprint. Selling a business properly can take as little as 6 – 8 months or as long as 18 – 20. As a general rule, from the date a business is first confidentially marketed, a successful sale at optimum value is typically 12 – 14 months.

Here is a tip: Experience indicates this can be an emotionally draining time period for most any seller. Successful preparation and a clear understanding of the process, stress and angst throughout the entire process is minimized.

A. Upon registration a non-refundable deposit will be collected. The balance will then be divided into 5 equal monthly payments. For convenience, all payments can be charged to a business credit card and will be confidential on your statement.

A. No, there are no additional fees required to attend.

A. Of course. We are a constant resource for your every question, leaving no stone unturned. In addition to the Q&A sessions at the end of each workshop, Exit Strategies 360 offers a scheduled weekly Q&A session for the attendees. This is quite valuable as you can ‘listen in’ on questions your peers have, plus ask any questions important to you.

A. You may have read above that ‘dozens of forms, templates and samples’ will be used. This is correct, 40+ items will be sent to you during the course of the Workshop Series. For your convenience, upon registration you’ll be sent a 3-ring binder with 10 tabs, one for each workshop. Your material will always be organized and in one place.

A. We’ve built our business on successful referrals… thanks in advance for thinking of us! Upon a successful referral and registration, Exit Strategies 360 offers a generous referral fee paid directly to you. Please call for details and to pass along any pertinent names. Thanks again!

*Our office must receive the name of the referral from you prior to them registering.

A. Yes, the software can be accessed from any mobile device when connected properly. As some of the information is detailed, best results and visibility will occur on a laptop or PC, but connection can occur from any device you prefer.