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An exit strategy is much more than just selling your business. An effective exit strategy first ensures you and your business are equipped for the road ahead, including the sale and eventual retirement. There is one chance to get it right. With answers and intentional preparation, you’ll make well-informed decisions, avoiding surprises during this emotional, but very real, journey. The decisions surrounding the sale of your business and preserving your wealth may be the most financially critical decisions of your career. Others will assist in this transition as well, including your CPA, attorney, wealth advisor and estate planner. Acting in concert your team ensures the best decisions for you, your family and your future.

The Benefits of Exit Planning

  • Increased business value
  • Enhanced business efficiency and profitability
  • More free time due to effective delegation techniques
  • Knowledge for improved decisions throughout the process

  • Reduced stress- peace of mind for you and your family
  • Maximizing financial yield
  • Minimizing financial risk
  • Minimizing taxes

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Why a valuation? The first question is typically, “What is my business worth?” An accurate valuation provides answers, becoming the basis for meaningful discussions surrounding the possibility of retirement, maximizing future value, tax minimization and estate planning, wealth preservation, deal structure, and timing of an eventual sale.

Opinion of Value

Adjusted earnings, along with the goodwill of your business, are the primary drivers of value. To determine this figure, we utilize your most recent financial statements and tax returns, typically for a 3 year period. After applying 4-6 of the most accurate valuation methods, the estimated value is calculated.


This Value-Oriented math only report is ideal for:

·  Value Estimates
·  Estate Planning
·  Insurance
·  Partnership Agreements

Valuation & Analysis

This comprehensive report more accurately determines business value. In addition to the Opinion of Value, we include 18 of the most common value drivers found in business today. Combining the story you’ve created, along with the numbers, determines the why behind the value.


The Valuation & Analysis is ideal for:

·  Exit Planning
·  Sellers
·  Potential Sellers
·  Mergers & Acquisitions


Answers are needed for any number of exit strategy questions. These may surround dozens of topics as you think about, prepare for, and ultimately decide to sell. With 20+ years of transactional experience, Exit Strategies 360 can offer insights and answers to any question regarding your unique situation.

General Business

When first considering a sale, you have many more questions than answers. Exit Strategies 360 specializes in answers. We educate owners on an array of topics not only for general business, but also navigating the road ahead. The stakes are high—solid answers ensure solid decisions. The most obvious result— confidence and peace of mind.

Sale Preparation

With the purpose of maximizing value, we go into great detail when preparing a business for sale. Topics include:


·  Timing
·  Who are the best buyers
·  Drivers of business value
·  Tangible vs. intangible assets
·  Goodwill—what role it plays
·  Owner & family involvement
·  Financials—trends & cleanliness
·  Maximizing cash flow
·  What are add-backs & why
·  Professionalism—minimizing risk
·  Transition team—who helps
·  HR & Management teams
·  Asset & equipment purchases
·  Lease renewals prior to selling
·  Potential deal structure
·  Dozens more…


Prior to selling, many answers are needed to make effective decisions before, during and after the sale. Topics include:


·  Marketing materials/NDA’s
·  Buyer qualification/recruitment
·  Buyer communication/meetings
·  LOI/Offers to purchase
·  Offer contingencies
·  Any negotiable items/points
·  Deal structure/options
·  Non-Compete Agreements
·  Training/Consulting Agreements
·  Seller carry-back notes
·  Earn-outs/Risk allocation
·  Earnest money
·  Security agreements
·  Due diligence info/process
·  Closing process/financing
·  Dozens more…

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Preparing My Business For Sale – Workshop Series

Key Reasons To Prepare

  1. The most significant barrier to a successful sale is lack of preparation.
  2. With intentional preparation, you’ll maximize business value.
  3. Make educated & well-informed decisions along the way.
  4. Increase levels of confidence & peace of mind.


Without fail, past clients have said, “Now that I understand the process I should have prepared years ago.” History indicates, when you’re ready to sell, your business typically is not. This education is offered specifically to avoid the regret & pitfalls of not preparing.

Details & Format

Who would benefit? The greatest benefits are for owners who:

·  Are within 3-5 years of selling.
·  Feeling anxious/nervous and need answers.
·  Want to prepare and increase their business value.


What is the format?

·  10 online workshops, 70-90 minutes each, scheduled at your convenience.
·  Interactive templates, spreadsheets & assignments.


How am I charged?

Fees are charged monthly to a credit card and done confidentially to avoid the eyes of bookkeepers/controllers.


The workshops efficiently answer all your questions. The result—a clear road-map allowing you to proceed in a logical, systematic fashion.

Workshop Agenda

  1. Answers to Your Critical Questions.
    Every owner has the same 15-18 preparation related questions. We’ll address them immediately.
  2. Buyers—Who Are They?
    From general to detailed, who are the best buyers, the best buyers for you and what they look for?
  3. Understanding Business Value
    Review of your balance sheet and P&L’s to calculate a critical figure—adjusted earnings.
  4. Tangible vs. Intangible Assets
    Every business has tangible and intangible value, the difference and buyer’s perceptions of each.
  5. Owner/Key Employee Involvement
    Answers to questions surrounding owner and family involvement, along with key employees. Why so critical?
  6. Financial Trends & Quality
    Review sales & earnings, how they relate to value; explain buyer expectations of your financials.
  7. Professionalism – Minimizing Risk
    Look at systems & procedures; overall professionalism of your business and what it tells a buyer.
  8. Transition Team—Who Helps?
    Professionals who should assist, how they help and when they are critical for your best exit strategy.
  9. Deal Structure—Expectations?
    Review of deal variables, loan types, and how your transaction will most likely be structured.
  10. Answering Your Critical Questions
    Answers to 30+ questions you should be asking, plus extended Q&A to address all other questions.


This selling option offers the continuous guidance, assistance and knowledge base of a seasoned broker throughout the entire sales process. Requiring slightly more involvement from you (1-3 hrs/week), the cost savings are enormous—70% to 85% of standard fees. Teamwork is always a combination for success.

Why BrokerAssist℠

Historically, you’ve had two choices when considering the sale of your business:

  1.  Hire an advisor/broker, or
  2. Sell it yourself


Some view the first as expensive, and the latter being thrifty but terrifying. BrokerAssist℠ is another option combining the best of both worlds—expert assistance at a fraction of the cost.


Brokers want you to believe in a mystical process or special sauce. Many even make an attempt to keep it hidden. It’s not a mystery nor a secret. Once known, it’s easy to follow.

How It Works

You’ll receive constant, detailed, step-by-step guidance. Applying 20+ years of transactional experience, Exit Strategies 360 acts as a consultant, not a broker. Together we navigate the sales process using every tool and broker resource.


Intimidating? Not at all. Every business has systems and processes used on a daily basis. This is no different. In fact, we promise it will be less intimidating than some of your existing procedures.

Key Benefits

·  Continuous guidance and wisdom of a seasoned broker.
·  Exact communications for every step and scenario.
·  All documentation provided.
·  Constant peace of mind.
·  Not intimidating.
·  Tremendous savings.
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Utilizing a highly successful, proprietary process that’s worked for hundreds of business owners like you, we first allow you to face your exit strategy with confidence. The 4 key steps below are essential for maximizing value, defending negotiation points, and ultimately reaching the closing table on your terms.

Business Valuation / Education

·  Inquiry/Discovery
·  Overview
·  Opinion of Value or Valuation & Analysis
·  Key Value Drivers
·  Transition Team Q&A

Market Preparation

·  Engagement Agreement: Broker or BrokerAssist℠
·  Confidential Business Profile
·  Assembly of Confidential Marketing Information
·  Approval of Materials
·  Identification of Any Potential Known Buyers

Buyer Recruitment & Qualification

·  Contact Any Identified Known Buyers
·  Field Inquiries
·  NDA / SFS – Buyer Qualification & Interview
·  Introduce Market Offering to Buyer
·  Introduce Buyer to Client

Offer / Negotiation / Closing

·  Review:  Term Sheet, LOI, Offer to Purchase
·  Review & Discuss / Transaction Team Members
·  Negotiation for Highest Price, Yield & Lowest Risk
·  Due Diligence / Finalize Closing Documentation
·  Successful Closing & Funds Dispersed