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The Company

Exit Strategies 360, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in preparing you and your business for sale, and ensuring your best possible retirement.

We have enormous enthusiasm for helping business owners enhance their retirements. We are dedicated to both your success and best possible future as we offer a real-world education and solutions (both emotional and financial) for transitioning privately held businesses like yours.

By conducting our business with uncompromising honesty and integrity, we have earned the trust and respect of our clients, as well as hosts of professional advisors across the country.

Please explore this site for additional information and insights about Exit Strategies 360. We welcome your call or email to request additional information or wish to speak personally and confidentially.

Personal Bio

Jeff Kraai

As principal of Exit Strategies 360, Jeff takes extreme pride in helping business owners prepare their company for sale, this includes making solid decisions along the way. As an M&A Advisor, Broker and Consultant for almost 20 years, he has structured hundreds of transactions for virtually any scenario, keenly understanding the needs of both buyers and sellers.

Due to the details surrounding the preparation and sale of a business, he indicates, “An owner’s weakest link is not knowing how to prepare themselves or their businesses for sale. By educating owners to maximize their value, money is being recovered that has been ignored for years… it can be significant.”

The end result is enhanced retirements for his clients. Jeff adds, “Most business owners are unaware of their options when it comes to preparing and selling their business. These options can increase cash and decrease taxes by hundreds of thousands of dollars. An educated decision is always the best.”

With over 25+ years of entrepreneurial ventures including five start-ups/sales, he has a solid understanding of what it takes to successfully create, expand and maximize business values. Jeff instinctively has the ability to understand his client’s unvoiced questions and concerns, anticipating their needs. His experience and capacity to think about critical factors affecting the success of a transaction provides an extremely valuable perspective, not to mention a critical edge for his clients.

According to Jeff, “You’ll probably do this only once in your life… why not do it right?”

I want all readers and attendees to know an important part of my history leading to the creation of this Workshop Series.

In 2007, I brokered the sale of a disaster restoration company in SW WA. I appraised it, found a buyer and the parties reached an agreement. The buyer secured an SBA loan guarantee for the maximum amount, however it was not enough to finance the sale. Thus, at the recommendation of a bank and attorney approval of both parties, the buyer and seller engaged in a “side agreement” for terms of the sale. The lenders permitted such side agreements, as a bank representative told me they had a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy. In other words, they were a recognized practice, but not officially sanctioned. I did not know such an agreement was illegal.

Regarding the business itself, their business operations were entirely fraudulent. I, like the buyer, had been completely misled. At first, the authorities didn’t know what my role was, but ultimately confirmed I was absolutely unaware of the business fraud. However, the matter was investigated for criminal fraud and (oddly enough) the SBA said it would not have guaranteed the loan had they known about the “side agreement.”

I believed at the time it was “business as usual” to have such agreements, but I was wrong. Learning the hard way, I plead guilty to a violation of 18 USC 1001, stated officially as ‘misstatements to a bank’. (You may learn the details of this case and those related to it through the website of the federal court for the Western District of Washington; case no. 3:10-CR05610.) The good news is that the financial world does not engage in practices with a wink or a blind eye as they did prior to the financial collapse of 2008.

These unfortunate events are in the past and now using my skills and experiences to educate business owners how to best prepare and sell their businesses. Of course, I do not offer tax or legal advice; when the time is right you must engage a tax advisor and lawyer whose ethics are beyond reproach.

Along with the dozens of testimonials on this website, there are many people I’ve worked with over the years who would be happy to speak to you about their positive experiences in working with me as a broker, consultant and educator. Thanks so much.